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General Information
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Head of Center

Dmitriy Semernin, PhD

Academic research and innovative activities at MGSU are governed by strategic and tactical objectives of the University, a National Research University. The principal objective is to develop the academic research potential and to complete the groundwork for innovative research projects.

MGSU lecturers and academic research teams implement academic research projects within the following major areas:

· civil engineering and architectural design, namely, sustainable environment against the background of comprehensive development of territories, inclusive of the architectural, engineering, urban development and social issues;

· comprehensive safety of construction processes, namely, comprehensive safety of construction facilities and building systems, ecological safety of urban lands;

· power and resource efficiency of engineering systems of buildings, structures and the construction-site equipment;

· information technologies applicable in design development, construction operations, maintenance of buildings and research project management;

· construction materials and technologies, namely, advanced construction materials and technologies, nanotechnologies applicable in the manufacturing of construction materials;

· construction of power plants, namely, development and improvement of engineering solutions and technologies applicable in the construction of power plants, waterworks and environmental protection facilities; geotechnical problems of construction operations;

· urban management, economics and management of construction operations, utilities and real estate management.

Academic research projects are implemented by 66 departments operating at the two academic research institutions and 53 academic research laboratories and centers.

The research potential is concentrated at the Centers for research and education. They are equipped with advanced and unique hi-tech research facilities installed nowhere else in Russia. The Centers for research and education are designated to train potential researchers and generate items of intellectual property. Over 100 items of intellectual property have been generated at MGSU within the recent five years.

MGSU researchers implement research projects under contracts made with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and several other ministries and governmental agencies.

MGSU is an active co-developer of the program for the update of regulatory documents governing construction operations (including Construction Norms and Rules, State Standards, etc.) Particular attention is driven to harmonization of the Russian regulations and the European building codes (Eurocodes). MGSU acts as the training center for lecturers in Eurocodes.

Another relevant objective of research is the training of advanced professionals at our postgraduate and doctoral schools. Postgraduates take their courses at 55 departments of our University.

MGSU scientists do their best to get students and postgraduates involved in our research projects. Young scientists participate in numerous scientific conferences, academic seminars, calls for papers, and exhibitions.


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