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MGSU History Museum

The Museum has a collection of display exhibits that illustrate the milestones of the MSUCE history and achievements, as well as the history of the leading academic civil engineering school of Russia.

Its floor area is 300 sq. m. Its collection has over 1,000 items. They include photos, old items of equipment, historic documents, thanks-you letters, gifts, billboards, models of buildings and structures, academic books, etc.

MGSU Scientific and Technical Library

MSUCE scientific and technical library is one of the largest university libraries in the civil engineering industry; it was founded in 1921.

Presently, the library has 4 lending rooms, 5 reading halls and 3 computer classrooms that have 780 workplaces.

The total number of books is 1,707,000, inclusive of the academic literature and regulatory documents.

Students and lecturers have access to the electronic catalogue where different books can be searched for according to various criteria. Its database has 25,000 entries.

Over 400,000 readers attend our library every year. Its unique collection and comfortable environment facilitate the nurture of highly qualified specialists in all specialities offered at our University.

MGSU Campus

MSUCE campus has 9 comfortable dormitories for over 4,000 students. They are arranged as three groups of buildings outstretched along the picturesque pond in the forest area. All dorms are located in close proximity to lecture halls.

Each dorm room is designated for two or three students. Each dorm floor has fully equipped kitchens. Guest rooms are ready to accommodate guests of MSUCE. Each guest room has a refrigerator, a television, and an electric kettle. The dorms have washing machines, lockers, stores, refreshment rooms and cafeterias.

The campus has multiple leisure and sports facilities.

MSUCE has a Student club, a Youth center of leadership improvement, the Club of the cheerful and quick-witted, a Creativity center, and an International communications club.

Sports and Recreation Centers

Each year, MSUCE students spend their holidays at the shore of the Azov Sea and at the Bronnitsy sports and recreation center in the Moscow Region.

Zolotye Peski Sports and Recreation Center (the Azov Seashore)

Zolotye Peski is located in the parkland; it has 4 dormitories, a cafeteria, a medical center, a bar, a dancing hall, a volleyball ground, a fitness center and a table tennis hall. Three-storey dorms are located at the distance of fifty meters from the sea shore. This sports and recreation center has a sandy beach that is 540 meters long.

A wide selection of guided tours and water sports are practiced at Zolotye Peski. The best coaches of our physical training department organize various sports and entertainment events for students, lecturers and staff of our University arriving there for vacations.

Bronnitsy Sports Center (the Moscow Region)

Bronnitsy Sports Center is located to the south of Moscow, on the bank of the Moskva river. Sports competitions, training workshops, and other outdoor events are organized there.

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